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Safe maintenance work on wind turbines

Locking cylinder for fixing rotors of large offshore wind turbines during maintenance work

Safe maintenance work on wind turbines

Maintenance work on wind turbines, especially on offshore turbines, places the highest demands on man and material. Rough weather conditions at sea make the work more difficult.

In order to offer employees the greatest possible protection and the necessary work safety, ROEMHELD has developed a hydraulic and electromechanical rotor lock for operators and manufacturers of wind turbines, which locks the rotor disc during maintenance work safely, comfortably and quickly.

For maintenance work on onshore and offshore wind turbines, safe and easy opening of access to the turbines is important. Access and maintenance flaps have to keep their position secured and have to withstand rough environmental conditions caused by wind and weather.

ROEMHELD linear actuators work reliably and are especially designed for these requirements with their high-quality workmanship.

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