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Rotor interlocks -components
for on & offshore wind turbines
One product for high requirements, extreme temperature conditions and intensive corrosion protection

The workholding specialist ROEMHELD now offers its Rotorlock components for all locking and closing applications with increased requirements in corrosion protection and under extreme temperature conditions. Originally, the hydraulic and electromechanical components have been designed for rotor locking during maintenance of onshore and offshore wind turbines. Following successful tests in customer applications in freeze-drying plants in the food industry, as door locks in amphibious vehicles, in medical technology and in sheet metal forming, they are now being marketed across all industries. With the modular Rotorlock program ROEMHELD addresses all customers who are looking for a versatile locking system that meets particularly high requirements.

For temperatures from -30° C to +70° C

All components are low-maintenance and meet the requirements of corrosion protection for offshore installations with surface protection according to DIN ISO 12944, C4, so that they can also be used in salty ambient air. They are suitable for use at temperatures between -30° C and +70° C, and can be loaded with shear forces of up to 7,000 kN. The use of standardized components makes it possible to produce even complex special designs quickly and cost-effectively. The rotor locks are produced according to customer-specific requirements in compact design at the ROEMHELD locations.

Hydraulic or electromechanical

The core of the Rotorlock locking systems is an alternatively hydraulically or electromechanically moved, double-acting bolt with position monitoring, which serves as locking mechanism. Optionally, the components are available with a non-return valve, an additional mechanical locking device or an adjustable, non-contact position monitoring system. Depending on the requirements, for example in confined spaces or special installation positions, they can also be supplied without a housing and without monitoring of the bolt position.

Efficient and secure clamping

In industrial production, a wide variety of workpieces must be machined reliably and precisely with a high degree of reproducibility. Thereby, the cost- and time-oriented production requires a position-precise clamping and calculable set-up times. With the worldwide largest selection of hydraulic clamping devices ROEMHELD is specialized in these requirements.