Quick Die Change
Quick Die Change

Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS M

for temperatures up to 80 °C
Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS M
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Rivi Magnetics magnetic clamping systems M-TECS M  are primarily used for automatic clamping of different dies on sheet metal forming presses and automatic punching machines.



With Rivi Magnetics magnetic clamping systems, the dies are magnetically clamped or unclamped at the touch of a button within a few seconds. Since permanent magnets generate the force of the magnetic clamping plates, electric clamping is only required to magnetize the plates. The magnetic clamping plates are de-energized in clamped condition and thus absolutely safe in case of power failure. The complete clamping cycle is monitored by different sensors, thus guaranteeing reliable die clamping.
All Rivi Magnetics magnetic clamping systems carry the CE mark.



  • Standardization of dies no longer required
  • High safety by process monitoring
  • Clamping of the dies within a few seconds
  • Ergonomic handling with ease
  • Die clamping also in the heated condition
  • No further mounting holes required
  • Minimum wear of the dies
  • Motion detection of the die
  • Die clamping on the complete surface with minimum deformation
Application examples
Quick die change on presses and automatic punching machines

Die or mould change on punches and presses within a few minutes as well as further processing advantages are created with magnetic clamping systems.

Magnetic clamping systems especially designed for mould carrier machines

Vertical arrangement with high safety requirements.
Control and signal exchange with requirements for high performance levels.